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Re-write of the Waterbury Zoning Regulations

Posted Wednesday, May 9, 2018

The Town obtained a Municipal Planning Grant and hired the planning consultant, Brandy Saxton of the firm Place Sense.  With guidance from the Planning Commission and staff, Ms. Saxton has prepared a complete first draft of re-written Unified Development Regulations that include all the zoning, subdivision, and sign bylaws.  The current zoning maps have also been revised with input from the Planning Commission, staff, and the responses to a public opinion survey carried out last year as part of the project.   

The draft text, maps, and report on the public opinion survey are available at the following links:

 Unified Development Regulations text

 Town of Waterbury Zoning Map

 Waterbury Village Zoning Map (enlargement)

 Waterbury 2017 Zoning Community Survey Report   

Written comments on the draft regulations and maps can be submitted to:

Steve Lotspeich, Community Planner
Town & Village of Waterbury
28 N. Main St., Suite 1
Waterbury, VT  05676


The Planning Commission is shifting to work on the Municipal Plan that must be revised and re-approved by mid-December of this year.  Due to this deadline and the required work on the Municipal Plan, there will be minimal additional work done on the re-write of the zoning regulations until January, 2019.  We will compile all written comments that are submitted this year and make them available to the Planning Commission when work resumes on the draft zoning regulations. 

When the Planning Commission resumes work on the zoning regulations next year, they will hold at least one informal public meeting to present the draft regulations and solicit additional public comments.  Once the Planning Commission finalizes their draft, they will hold at least one public hearing.  After they finalize and approve their draft of the regulations, they will be forwarded to the Select Board.  Typically the Select Board holds at least one public hearing, makes any further amendments to the draft, and ultimately adopts the regulations.

If you have any questions regarding this process or would like to discuss the draft regulations, please call Steve Lotspeich at (802) 244-1012.