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Accessibility Statement

Updated: May 4, 2021

The Town of Waterbury, Vermont is committed to making its website accessible to all users.

Our ongoing accessibility effort works towards conforming to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) version 2.1, level AA criteria, and with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. These guidelines not only help make web content accessible to users with sensory, cognitive and mobility disabilities, but ultimately to all users, regardless of ability. You can learn more about web accessibility at WebAIM.

Comments and alternative format requests are welcome and can be made by contacting Pam Pratt or Karen Petrovic by phone at 802-244-7033, or by emailing karen@ or ppratt@

We are currently working to improve:

  • The accessibility of PDF documents
  • The order of content as it appears on the page

Accessibility features on our website include:

  • Headline styles are used on the pages and follow a logical, descending order. When they are read to a user by a screen reader, they give context about the structure of content on the page.
  • A website user who only uses a keyboard (and not a mouse) can tab through the navigation and other links on the website.
  • We give visible focus to links and buttons so users can see where they are on the web page, similar to how mouse users can follow the mouse pointer.
  • Links in paragraphs are underlined and are readily identified. External links are easily identified.
  • The colors of the text and background, as well as the fonts, are carefully chosen to provide high contrast to aid reading.
  • We provide a text alternative for each image so a screen reader can describe them to a person with limited vision.