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Property Taxes

Online Parcel Mapping System - 2017 Tax Bills Available

View our online parcel mapping system that shows property information, property taxes*, areas of interest, zoning, and more. 

*Net tax amounts are not provided as they may contain income sensitive information. For net tax amounts please contact the homeowners directly.

2017 Tax Bills

2017 property tax bills were mailed to the address on file July 6th, 2017

Payment installments will be due Friday August 11th and Friday November 17th, 2017 at the close of business.  Details regarding penalty and interest charges can be found on your bill.

How to Calculate Your Taxes

Taxes are calculated based on the current assessed value of your property times the rates as determined by the State of VT and Town and Village Boards.

To calculate your gross annual taxes (does not include any exemptions, state adjustments or prebates):

(Assessed Value/100) x Total Tax Rate = Annual Taxes

To calculate your total tax rate, select either homestead or non-residential, add Municipal rate (Add both the Town and Village rates, if Village resident), and add the local agreement rate. For example, if you are a resident who declared homestead in the Village, and your property was assessed at 200,000, your taxes would be calculated as follows:

(200,000/100) x (1.5473+0.4500+0.1300+0.0014) =

2,000 x 2.1287 = 4,257.40

Important Information Regarding Property Tax & Utility Bill Payments

Effective July 2013, all tax and utility payments must be received in-hand on or before the close of business on each applicable due date. Payments may be mailed, but must also be received in our office no later than close of business on the appropriate due dates. Payments that are postmarked on or before the due dates but received late will not be accepted as on-time. 

For due dates that fall on a weekend or holiday, payment must be received on or before the following business day. Office hours are from 8am to 4:30pm, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

There is a secure payment drop box located at the main entrance of the Municipal Center - 28 North Main Street near the Dac Rowe Ball field.

The Town and Village are happy to offer a FREE direct-debit service for tax and utility payments. Once enrolled, payment would be automatically withdrawn from your bank account on each due date as billed. Forms may be submitted as late as 10 days before each due date to become enrolled.

More information about the boards’ decision to change the postmark policy can also be found here . If you have further questions about due dates and payment options, please call 802-244-5858.

Frequently Asked Questions

Direct Debit - The Town/Village of Waterbury is now processing direct debit payments for Taxes.  If you want to enroll you must complete a Direct Debit Form.

Escrow Accounts - The Town/Village of Waterbury sends the tax bill to the property owner only.  We do not send to escrow companies.  That is the responsibility of the property owner.

THE TOWN WILL NOT PROVIDE TAX INFORMATION OF ANY SORT VIA PHONE, EMAIL OR FAX. If you need to obtain further information about your property tax bill, we are happy to mail it to you at the address provided on the bill. If a representative of your account needs to obtain information, they may visit our offices during normal business hours and sign out a copy of the bill for our records.

Refunds of pre-bates - The Town/Village of Waterbury will not refund any of the pre-bate monies received from the State of Vermont, unless the amount of your prebate exceeds the amount due on your tax bill. 

Pre-bates, Rebate, Homestead Declaration - Questions regarding pre-bates, rebates or Homestead Declaration should be directed to the State of Vermont.  Property Tax Assistance - (Education Payment, Rebate, Homestead Declaration) Tel: 1-866-828-2865 (toll free in VT) or 802-828-2865 (local & out-of-state) Fax: 802-828-2720.  The State Web site is

Credit/Debit Cards - The municipal staff do not take credit card payments by phone or at the office however you can pay your property taxes online at  There is a 3% convenience  fee for each transaction

Name on the Tax Bill - The Property tax bill will be in the name of the owner of the property as of April 1st.  If you purchased a property and closed after April 1st your name will be on the tax bill next year.

Address Changes - If your tax bill has an incorrect address it is your responsibility to notify us. For your convenience, you may complete the Change of Address form and return it to us at any time.

Penalty & Interest - The penalty and interest is charged as indicated on your tax bill and is assessed the next day after the due date.  Interest is posted on the first of each month thereafter.