Water & Sewer Billing

Notice to Edward Farrar Utility District Customers

Please note, there is a 5% penalty charge for all unpaid quarterly balances. Monthly interest will continue to accrue a rate of 1.5%. Please contact our office if you are interested in setting up a monthly payment plan to avoid further means of collection.

Direct Debit

The Edward Farrar Utility District is happy to offer a FREE direct-debit service for tax and utility payments. Once enrolled, payment would be automatically withdrawn from your bank account on each due date as billed. Forms may be submitted as late as 10 days before each due date to become enrolled.

Frequently Asked Questions

My bill seems to be higher than usual, what should I do?

Read your meter and check it to the “current reading” on your bill. If the reading is significantly higher than the quarterly reading, you may have a leak.

If you think you may have a leak – check for dripping faucets, “running toilets”, hose left on.  You would be surprised how even a slow dripping faucet can increase the water usage.

If you do have a leak, call your plumber, the EFUD is responsible only to the curb stop.

If your new reading does not appear to correspond with the previous reading, call the Water Treatment Plant to schedule a re-reading.

If I am not currently occupying my property, am I still responsible for paying the water and/or wastewater base charges?

Yes. The utility base charges are present to cover fixed costs for the entire EFUD Water/Wastewater system. If you currently own property that is connected and allocated for District water, you are responsible for paying the quarterly base charges.

Can I have the water/wastewater bill sent to the tenant?

No, the water department has a policy of sending bills only to the owner of the property; the landlord can forward the bill to the tenant.

I would like a final reading because I am selling my house.

The water department does not do final readings.  You will have to prorate the bill for the closing of your property based on previous quarters.

Who do I call if I need my water shut off/turned on?

Call the Water Treatment Plant at 244-6357. 

If there is an emergency, such as a broken water main, please call the Municipal office at 244-7033.

Credit/Debit Cards - The municipal staff do not take credit card payments by phone or at the office however you can pay your utility bill taxes online at PayGOV.us.  There is a 3% convenience  fee for each transaction

Do you offer discounts for early payment?


I would like an outside meter installed, is this possible?

Yes, call the water treatment plant at 244-6357 and set up a time with the operators to have one installed.

What are the billing periods?

The billings are done quarterly, as noted in the table below.

Readings last week of:JanuaryAprilJulyOctober
Cards due back:February 10May 10August 10November 10
Covers Period:Nov 1-Jan 31Feb 1-Apr 30May 1-July 31Aug 1-Oct 31
Bills mailed:by Feb 20by May 20by Aug 20by Nov 20
Bill Due:March 20June 20Sept. 20Dec 20