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The Municipal Calendar

Below you'll find upcoming municipal events and meetings. Visit the Municipal Calendar page to see events and meetings on a month-by-month calendar.

December 19—06:30 PM
December 20—10:00 AM
December 24—07:00 PM
December 25—09:00 AM
December 27—02:15 PM
January 1—04:00 PM
January 7—07:00 PM
January 8—09:00 AM
January 8—01:00 PM
January 8—06:00 PM
January 9—04:30 PM
January 9—06:30 PM
January 9—07:30 PM
January 14—04:30 PM
January 14—07:00 PM
January 16—06:30 PM
January 18—09:00 AM