Request for Proposals

Home Elevations

The Town of Waterbury is seeking proposals from contractors and estimators to detail cost estimates to elevate four properties above the 100-year floodplain on Elm and Randall Streets in Waterbury Village.  Due to the historic neighborhood, architectural renderings have been completed and approved by the VT Division of Historic Preservation for the four properties.  These renderings and specifications will be made available for reference.  Each foundation and proposed elevation has unique and individual attributes.  The four properties are:  #5 and # 36 Randall Street and #11/13 (one multi-unit) and 21 Elm Street. All estimated costs and materials must be in compliance with the FEMA/NFIP documents referenced below for eligibility.

See the full proposal here.

Contact Barb Farr for additional background information on the properties at:

Waterbury Municipal Offices
28 North Main Street, Suite 1
Waterbury VT  05676