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Employment Opportunities

Town of Waterbury Position: Town Mechanic
Department: Town of Waterbury Highway Department
Supervisor: Director of Public Works

Job Functions

Under the direction of the Director of Public Works performs maintenance and repair work on Town and Fire Department vehicles, construction equipment, and maintenance equipment. The mechanic ensures the municipal fleet, including highway trucks, pick-up trucks, and fire trucks are in safe and good working order. The mechanic also maintains an array of other equipment related to town operations, including lawn mowing equipment.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

The duties listed below are illustrative of the work tasks. The list is not comprehensive and other related duties may be assigned:
General maintenance and repair of town vehicles and equipment. Work includes diagnostics to determine the correct repair and necessary replacement parts.
Maintains accurate and easily accessible records of repair and maintenance work performed.
Maintains a preventive maintenance plan, and responds to requests for service in a positive and timely manner. Ability to recognize and correct problems that delay or prevent major expenses or equipment downtime.
Performs Vermont Motor Vehicle Inspections.
Performs oxyacetylene cutting, arc welding, painting and body work repairs to Town vehicles and equipment.
Purchases repair parts and obtains competitive prices.
Participates in developing specifications and recommendations when new vehicles and equipment are purchased.
Knowledge of and adherence to safety protocols.
Assist the Highway Department with winter snow removal as deemed necessary by the Director of Public Works.
Ability to receive constructive criticism and to respond to requests with courtesy and professionalism.

Education, Training and Experience

Vermont Motor Vehicle Mechanic Certification for Car/Truck or the ability to obtain certification
Five years of relevant experience in vehicle and equipment maintenance and repair.
Experience in operating all tools and equipment needed for equipment and maintenance repair, including welding and fabrication.
Thorough knowledge of proper maintenance on trucks and heavy equipment regularly used by municipal highway and fire departments.
Any other combination of training, education and experience that demonstrates the required knowledge, skills, and abilities may be considered qualifying.
Valid Class B Vermont Commercial Driver’s License; Class A Preferred.

Physical Demands/Work Environment

The physical demands here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential job functions. Reasonable accommodations may be made to individuals whom are unable to perform the job functions.

The employee is regularly required to use hands to operate equipment and tools, to reach with arms and hands, and to perform work while in physical positions that are not seated. Employee will routinely be required to stoop, crouch, and kneel. The employee will normally work near moving mechanical parts, and may work in outside weather conditions. The employee must have the physical strength and agility to perform strenuous labor tasks. The employee will frequently lift and/or move up to 25 pounds and will occasionally lift and/or move items up to 100 pounds.



Town of Waterbury Position: Planning & Zoning Director
Department: Town of Waterbury General Goverment 
Supervisor: Municipal Manager

Position Overview

The Planning & Zoning Director (Director) is responsible for the leadership and management of the Planning and Zoning Department. The primary role of the Planning & Zoning Director is to manage and implement community programs related to municipal comprehensive planning, economic development, land development including zoning and subdivision, transportation planning, housing, land conservation, and historic preservation. The Director staffs the Planning Commission and works with the Commission to prepare recommended updates to the town’s zoning and subdivision bylaws, and the Municipal Plan.  The Director prepares grant applications for a variety of planning related projects and administers those grants. The Director reports to the Municipal Manager.

A major role of the Director is to oversee the town’s development review and permitting process, which includes zoning, subdivision, floodplain, ridgeline and hillside overlay review, and design review. The Director also provides staff support for the Development Review Board, Conservation Commission, Tree Committee and other boards and committees as assigned by the Municipal Manager. The Director coordinates local and regional planning activities with the Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission (CVRPC). The Director also serves as the Town’s Administrative Officer/Zoning Administrator with duties and responsibilities as prescribed under 24 VSA Ch. 117 §4448.  

The Director oversees the work of the Assistant Planning & Zoning Administrator with a teamwork approach to accomplish the review and issuance of zoning permits, referral of certain applications to the Development Review Board (DRB), and staff support for the review of those applications by the DRB. This teamwork also includes implementation of the Town’s floodplain management program, including the FEMA Community Rating System (CRS).     

Duties & Responsibilities

The Planning & Zoning Director is a professional position with a high degree of independence and responsibility for assuring compliance with the Waterbury Municipal Plan, the Zoning and Subdivision Bylaws, and state statute.

  • The Director provides a high level of service to the citizens of Waterbury, the Planning Commission, the Development Review Board, other Town boards and committees, and Town and Edward Farrar Utility District (EFUD) staff.
  • The Director is knowledgeable about all aspects of local, regional and statewide planning issues and the local development review process.   The Director is familiar with the planning and regulatory procedures of state agencies that oversee projects and programs in Waterbury.
  • The Director provides oversight and management of the areas in the Town located in the 100-yr. floodplain including the municipalities’ membership in the FEMA sponsored Community Rating System (CRS).  
  • The Director must be able to inspire public confidence and work effectively with a wide variety and diversity of people. The Director must have good written and verbal skills and be highly organized.
  • The Director supervises and works closely with the Assistant Planning & Zoning Administrator, including preparation for and staffing Development Review Board hearings.   
  • The Director is a member of the leadership team who works with elected municipal officials, the municipal manager and staff on planning and zoning issues, including amendments/re-writes of the Municipal Plan, and Zoning and Subdivision Bylaws. 

Requirements of Work:

The Duties and Responsibilities of the Director include the following:

  • Provide staff support to the Planning Commission to include preparing draft zoning and subdivision bylaws, and amendments to those bylaws. Coordinate public review and comment on bylaw and plan amendments at the Planning Commission and Select Board level.
  • Provide staff support to the Planning Commission to include preparation of Municipal Plan and Energy Plan amendments and coordination with CVRPC for regional support and review of these amendments. 
  • Lead and oversee the implementation of the goals, objectives, and actions identified in the Municipal Plan in coordination with the Planning Commission and other municipal boards, commissions, and committees.
  • Provide explanation of the Zoning Regulations to property owners, developers, legal and real estate professionals, and other members of the general public. 
  • Manage the town’s development review functions including those that involve the Development Review Board.  Oversee the review of zoning and subdivision applications and referral to the DRB for further review and action as necessary. Prepare staff reports for applications to be reviewed by the Development Review Board (DRB), and follow up with preparing draft findings of fact and conclusions of law for DRB decisions.
  • Issue zoning permit permits once they are approved by the DRB.
  • Investigate possible zoning violations and pursue enforcement when necessary. In accordance with state statute this includes taking appropriate action to prevent construction or use constituting a violation. 
  • Work with the Planning Commission, Select Board, CVRPC, and town staff on emergency planning projects including updates to the Town’s Hazard Mitigation Plan.
  • Administer Flood Hazard Regulations and assist with issues related to the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and the Community Rating System (CRS).
  • Prepare grant applications and administer grant awards. Aggressively seek funding opportunities for the support of Town initiatives.
  • Develop the annual work plan and budget for the Planning and Zoning Department.
  • Must be able to attend evening meetings, particularly Planning Commission and DRB meetings.

Education, Training and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in a closely related field is required; advanced degree is preferred. 
  • Five years of related experience in a position of similar complexity is required.
  • Must be comfortable working with and on behalf of the public and be able to work effectively with a wide variety of people on sensitive issues; must demonstrate outstanding judgment.
  • A current Certification as a Floodplain Manager (CFM) or willingness to become a CFM.


Animal Control Officer
Town of Waterbury
Animal Control Officer

The Town of Waterbury is seeking a person or persons interested in serving as Animal Control Officer (ACO). The role of the ACO is to resolve resident complaints related to dogs and their owners in a manner that is consistent with the Town’s Animal Control Ordinance.

The ACOs shall be appointed by the selectboard, but will be supervised and responsible to the Municipal Manager.  In addition, the ACOs will work with the Town Clerk with regard to licensing and may work with the Town Health Officer(s) in the case of dog biting incidents.

The successful candidate will have an appreciation and respect for animals and their owners, but will understand their role in keeping people and animals safe through the enforcement of the ordinance. The primary role of the ACO is to mediate and resolve conflicts that sometimes arise between the general public and dog owners; a secondary role is to investigate instances of dog bites or animal cruelty.

Compensation is negotiable, but will include a minimum amount per response. 

Interested persons should call or email the Municipal Manager:
Thomas Leitz
(802) 244-4300

Secretary for the Planning Commission and Development Review Board

The Town of Waterbury seeks to contract with a new secretary for the Planning Commission and the Development Review Board (DRB).  The secretary will take minutes for the Planning Commission and take minutes and format the decisions on development projects for DRB. The Planning Commission currently meets on the second and fourth Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. and the DRB meets on the first and third Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. The meetings typically last approximately two hours with the DRB meetings occasionally lasting up to three hours.  The secretary is paid a flat rate of $80.00 per meeting.  The Town is seeking to contract with a secretary as soon as possible.  E-mail or mail a cover letter including your interest in the position, qualifications and contact information by 4:00 p.m. on Friday, March 10, 2023 to:

Stephen Lotspeich
Planning & Zoning Director
28 N. Main Street, Suite 1
Waterbury, VT 05676
or via e-mail:       

Waterbury is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
For further information contact Stephen Lotspeich, Planning & Zoning Director, at 802-244-1012, or via e-mail:  

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*All full-time positions require a resume in addition to the completed application.

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