Community Center Feasibility Study Final Public Hearing on Monday, June 15th

The Select Board will be holding a final public hearing on Monday, June 15th at 7:40 p.m. to obtain the views of citizens on the Community Center Feasibility Study that was completed this spring.  The hearing will be held remotely so please see the agenda for the Select Board meeting for the Zoom video meeting link and conference call-in phone numbers. 

We worked very successfully with the architectural firm of gbA Architecture and Planning from Montpelier and they completed the final draft of the Study that can be found here.  The project Steering Committee met with the consultant over the course of the study and incorporated comments received from the public in the final document.  A program was developed involving the municipal and non-profit partners for the project including the Town of Waterbury Recreation Dept., the Waterbury Area Senior Center, and the Children’s Room. 

Eight possible sites for a Community Center were analyzed and examined in the field.  Conceptual layouts were done for all eight sites.  Those sites were narrowed down to one preferred site by the Steering Committee after input from the public.  The site of the final concept for the Community Center is Anderson Field which includes the municipal pool.

We held three well attended public meetings on November 19, 2019, December 17, 2019, and February 4, 2020.  These were a “listening” meeting to present the overall project and get input from the general public and possible users of a Community Center, a “concept” meeting to present concepts and budgets for the facility at two possible sites, and a “direction” meeting to focus on the concept for the selected site and the associated construction and operating budgets.  The project has been completed and the final report for the Community Development Block Grant that funded the study will be submitted to the state by the end of June.