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Unified Development Bylaw – Phase #1

The Waterbury Planning Commission is working on a re-write of our current zoning and subdivision regulations that is called the Unified Development Bylaw. The Unified Development Bylaw is being implemented in phases. The Planning Commission is currently developing Phase #1 of this Bylaw that will apply to the geographic area of the Town of Waterbury between Interstate 89 to the north and the Winooski River to the south. It is anticipated that the Phase #1 set of bylaws and maps will become a new chapter that will be added to and amend our existing Zoning Regulations. Ultimately, when all future phases of the Unified Development Bylaw are drafted and adopted, they will replace our current Zoning Regulations.

This web page is for materials related to the Unified Development Bylaw – Phase #1 project. The page includes the text and zoning maps that the Planning Commission has drafted for the Unified Development Bylaw – Phase #1. The Interim Bylaws for the Downtown Zoning District that were adopted on April 26, 2021 are also included. These materials are being developed with assistance from municipal staff and mapping assistance from staff with the Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission.

The Planning Commission meetings are public and anyone is welcome to attend and provide comment when appropriate. The meeting agendas and minutes are posted on the Planning Commission section of the website.

The following documents comprise this project and will be updated as needed:

Link to Draft Bylaws

Link to Power Point Presentation 02.20.2024